2020 Season Registration Details

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Hello Idaho League Families:

We have made the decision to move forward cautiously with our season by opening the Pit Zone for student-athlete registration this Friday, May 15th at 12:00 noon. We understand that not everyone agrees with this decision, due to the uncertainty of conditions in coming months and how those conditions may restrict league activities. However, by opening the Pit Zone now we are hopeful that both teams and the IICL will be able to start predicting participation numbers across the state in order to plan effectively for the upcoming practice season and potential race series.

We ask that each of you evaluate your comfort level in deciding if and when to register, considering all the uncertainty. Also, please check with your team’s leadership to understand what their plans are for the start of team activities.

Please review the following information before making the decision to register:

What can I register for at this time?
Initially we will open registration only for league membership. Registration for future league events and/or races will remain closed until we know whether these events can be held this fall.

How much is the league membership fee?
The 2020 league membership fee is being reduced from $175 to $135.

What does this fee include?
By paying the league membership fee, student-athletes will be allowed to participate in team practices and future league events for the duration of the 2020 season (7/1 through 10/30). Students cannot participate in any league-sanctioned events (including team practices) without first registering with the league and paying the $135 membership fee.

What is this money used for?
The membership fee goes toward covering league expenses, such as coach licensing fees, coach training expenses, insurance for all participants, and the day-to-day operating expenses of the league. In the event of reduced or cancelled races, the IICL is budgeting to remain solvent for the next 12 months for a strong rebound in 2021. A portion of 2020 membership fees will be set aside to make sure that can happen.

Are these fees refundable in the event there are no league-wide events, a race series this fall, or cancellation of team-level practices and events?
No, the membership fee is non-refundable. Please take this into consideration before deciding to register.

If there is no race series in the fall, why should we register?
Preparing for the possibility that mass public events are not permitted this fall, the IICL and NICA staff are developing options for your coaches to provide engaging smaller-scale experiences for all our student-athletes such as:

  • Team-level adventure activities
  • Small-scale team time trial events
  • GRiT rides
  • Small group Teen Trail Corps seminars and activity days

Is there financial assistance available?
The league will have funds available for limited financial assistance, however the total amount available will be unknown until we see the registration numbers over the next couple of months. The league will evaluate the total requested amount and determine, based on the overall 2020 season budget, what percentage of each request can be funded. If you need financial assistance, ask your Team Director for a link to the online application. The application period for financial assistance will be open 5/15 through 6/30. Financial Assistance recipients will be notified on 6/30 and should wait until that time to register in the Pit Zone.

Are there loaner bikes available?
Currently the league loaner bike program is on hold for the 2020 season. We will update everyone as we determine if we can support the program this season. Many teams have established a local loaner bike program and you are encouraged to check with you team director for bike availability.

Will there be summer camps this year?
Unfortunately we have made the decision to cancel all planned overnight summer camps for this season.

Can I help the IICL in any way?
Yes, we would love your support. First, please make sure you are keeping yourself, your family and those around you safe by practicing good hygiene and social distancing at all times, whether on or off your bike. Second, keep the stoke up for everyone. We realize that the possibility of cancelling races in the fall is a huge bummer for everyone, but there will still be plenty of great experiences made possible through your participation in the IICL. Lastly, there is the option to donate to the league during check out in the Pit Zone. If you are able to do so, we would greatly appreciate the financial support to make sure the league is capable of supporting all our programs this season and beyond.

We realize there are still a lot of unknowns about what the short-term future holds for the 2020 season. We are doing our best to make decisions based on the information available to us at that time and with the focus on supporting the national effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 by following guidance from the WHO, CDC and our local and state health departments.

We want teams and our student-athletes to have the option to gather, ride, and be with their friends, coaches and communities, but we must do so in a way to does not put our participants and the broader community at risk. We are fortunate that mountain biking doesn’t have a close-contact or indoor component to it that other youth sport participation requires. However, all NICA programming must still be capable of implementation with additional policies and procedures in place to maintain social distancing and safety at all practices and events.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your support of the IICL and NICA is greatly appreciated.

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